Our denim fabric stands out especially for the creativity as well as for its use of patterns, jacquard fabrics, special techniques, such as ultra-light weights, transparencies, and the use of colorful textures along with denim.
Our collection is offered in a wide range of different weights, suitable for shirts, blouses, trousers, jackets and outerwear. Beside the cotton, there are blends with linen, wool, silk, tencel, viscose, etc.
Our Denim is an eco-friendly denim: in addition to recycled fibers experiments, it reduces the use of chemical products during the production process, by shortening the finishing time and thus allowing a significant saving of water and chemical agents.


Beside the denim fabric, Outside Denim Lab has created a special series of fabrics without indigo dyeing, both yarn dyed and ready to dye, that can be combined with the denim and men’s and women’s sportswear world.
Just like with our denim fabrics, the available weights range is versatile and very wide, absolutely perfect to make garments for different uses: from parkas to shirts, and from overshirts to jackets.
Also in this case, beside the cotton, there are blends with linen, viscose, silk, tencel and further recycled yarns.